Janitorial Service


Office, restroom, and public areas are cleaned Monday through Friday except on national holidays. Cleaning is normally conducted between 6:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. nightly. All personnel are bonded, in uniform, and meet strict requirements for employment.

Nightly cleaning includes: damp mopping resilient floors; vacuuming carpet; dusting desks and furniture and emptying trash, unless otherwise designated by your lease or additional agreement. All horizontal surfaces are dusted when they are completely clear and all items are removed. The management office will provide you with a roll of neon orange stickers stating "Trash". If you have boxes or other trash that needs to be removed, please inform the cleaning personnel by placing an orange sticker on the item you want to dispose. Other services such as waxing and buffing of the tile floors, dusting louver blinds, cleaning air diffusers, and washing interior windows are done periodically.

Trash items should be kept within the tenant's office. No items should be placed in the common-area corridors or block access to the freight-elevator vestibule or stairwells.

Some procedures NOT included in nightly cleaning are:

  • Cleaning of special wall fabrics;
  • Discarding of furniture, fixtures, computers, etc;
  • Cleaning of computer equipment;
  • Washing of dishes, and the cleaning of refrigerators and microwaves in break rooms;
  • Cleaning or refinishing of special flooring, woods or metals;
  • Dusting of desks, computers or any electronic devices;

Special cleaning requests are to be made through the Property Management Office (404.592.6022). Trash items generated by your move-in, such as boxes, wall protection, pallets, and packing materials, must be removed by the tenant's moving company and cannot be placed in the building dumpster.

If you have special cleaning needs, such as carpet shampooing or defrosting a refrigerator, the management office can contact the appropriate janitorial representative to provide a proposal for the work. The charge for special services will vary based upon the specific request.

The compactor located in the loading dock is used for recyclables only. We are not responsible for the disposal of office equipment, old computers, pallets, etc. This type of debris cannot be put into the compactor. Please contact the management office and we will provide you with a cost to dispose of these types of materials.

The loading dock area is to be kept free of trash and debris at all times. If your office is planning to dispose of a large number of old files or trash, please notify our office and we will assist you in making those arrangements. The dock is common area and management approval is required for this type of use. The expense for the dumpster will vary depending on your specific need.